District 5 S. Central Kansas

This district is responsible for construction and maintenance activities for 18 counties in south central Kansas. These
responsibilities include providing snow and ice removal on the 4,949 miles of state highways that are housed in this district.


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Brent Terstriep
District 5 Engineer
(620) 663-3361

Tim Potter
Public Affairs Manager
District 5 Office
500 N. Hendricks
Hutchinson, Kansas 67501

(620) 663-3361 


Tom Hein
Wichita Public Affairs Manager
Office (316) 660-4990
Mobile (316) 217-0356


Wichita Metro Area


U.S. 166 Bridge Replacement Project


KDOT highway sign replacement project coming to Kiowa County (7/26/21)

Some Rice County road sections closed for K-14 realignment (7/21/21)

$7.86 million resurfacing on K-14, K-96 in Reno, Sedgwick counties (7/20/21)

U.S. 56 bridge replacement in Pawnee County to start soon (7/20/21)

$4.5 million resurfacing of K-156 in Barton County to begin (7/20/21)

U.S. 160 road, bridge field survey to start in Comanche County (7/16/21)

Centerline resurfacing to begin on U.S. 54 in Kiowa County (7/15/21)

K-4 bridge field survey to begin in Rice County (7/6/21)

K-2 bridge field survey to start in Harper County (6/30/21)

$2.9 million resurfacing of U.S. 50 in Reno County (6/30/21)

Traffic sign project on U.S. 50, K-61 in Reno County to begin soon (6/22/21)

Shumway Road to be resurfaced at K-254 (6/22/21)

Rumble strip project in Butler, Harvey counties to begin soon (6/18/21)

$3.9 million resurfacing to begin on U.S. 81, U.S. 160 in Sumner County (6/17/21)

K-179 grading, surfacing in Anthony to begin soon (6/16/21)

$2.68 million resurfacing on U.S. 54/400 in Kiowa County to begin (6/7/21)

$6.2 million resurfacing on U.S. 160, K-1 in Comanche County to start (6/7/21)

KDOT to start $2.9 million resurfacing of K-4 in Rice County (6/1/21)

Part of Avenue V east of Sterling closing for bridge construction (5/25/21)

RR-crossing change for school buses, hazardous materials trucks on U.S. 77 (5/19/21)

UPDATE: U.S. 50-to-northbound-I-135 ramp at Newton has reopened early after emergency guardrail repair (5/19/21)

U.S. 50-to-northbound-I-135 ramp at Newton to close 2 days (5/17/21)

U.S. 77 south of Arkansas City to be resurfaced (5/10/21)

K-14 north of Lyons to be closed for railroad crossing repair (5/5/21)

Crack repair work to start on U.S. 56 in Barton, Rice counties (4/29/21)

Field survey for K-11 bridge replacement in Kingman County (4/28/21)

K-61 project for guardrail, grading and culverts begins soon in Reno County (4/27/21)

UPDATE: U.S. 50 rest area in Stafford County to be closed up to five days 4/26/21

Field survey for proposed K-42 pavement reconstruction in Pratt County (4/26/21)

15-mile realignment of K-14 in Reno, Rice counties to start soon (4/9/21)

U.S. 50 rest area in Stafford County to be closed for three days for work (4/9/21)

Field survey to focus on correcting U.S. 50 elevation at spot in Reno County (4-1-21) 

Field survey for U.S. 56 bridge replacement in Larned (3-29-21)

$971,000 guardrail project in Sedgwick & Sumner counties (3-29-21)

U.S. 400 bridge at Leon will be repaired (3-22-21)

K-177 bridge over El Dorado Lake will be repaired (3-22-21)

Field survey for U.S. 54 bridge replacement in El Dorado (3/16/21)

Crack seal project on K-49 in Sumner, Sedgwick counties (3/5/21)

Mill/overlay project to begin on K-2, U.S. 160 in Harper County (3-5-21)

Crack seal project to begin on K-53 in Sumner County (2-25-21)


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