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Kansas celebrates 50 years of Interstates

East Topeka Interchange

East Topeka Interchange
East Topeka Interchange

Clearing up Congestion in the State Capitol

In March 1999, the East Topeka Interchange project was the single biggest project KDOT let to construction at $64.9 million. This project greatly enhanced the flow of traffic for motorists by improving the alignment in east Topeka on the Kansas Turnpike, I-70, K-4, and US-40. It involved connecting K-4 to I-70 and the Kansas Turnpike, constructing two folded diamond interchanges, and building two new toll plaza facilities that have commuter parking areas and automated toll lanes.

A total of 13 bridges and two box bridge extensions were also constructed. All the structures on the interchanges required a total of 2,800 tons (or 5,650,000 pounds) of steel. Other statistics on the interchange include:

  • 10,801 feet of pre-stressed beams
  • 16 bridges within the 39 lane miles of roadway built on the project
  • 38,220 shear studs
  • 23,966 square yards of overlay
  • 4,385,000 cubic yards of excavation
  • 364,700 square yards of concrete pavement
  • Six miles of ramps
  • 5,899 feet of steel piling
  • 3,684,000 pounds of reinforcing steel

The interchange includes two roundabouts, which were the first on the state highway system.