K-61 Projects  --  Reno and McPherson County

This website and the information it contains, are provided as a public service by the Kansas Department of Transportation.   The maps provided below are from preliminary alignment plans dated September 2006 and are being provided to show the general location of the K-61 highway and local access roads.  In a few instances, minor changes were made to the final plans that are not reflected in these maps.

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K-61 Maps

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For additional information on the Reno County project  contact:
  Zach Oswald, District V, Public Affairs Manager
   Ph:  (620) 663-3361
  E-mail:  Zachary.Oswald@ks.gov

For additional information on the McPherson County  projects contact:
   David  Greiser, District II, Public Affairs Manager
   Ph:  (785) 823-3754
   E-mail:  David.Greiser@ks.gov