The Bureau is responsible for administering the agency’s statewide building program, including planning, specifying, coordinating and monitoring of the annual budget. KDOT manages a total of 955 buildings, 206 of them classified as occupied buildings. The Bureau of Maintenance also manages the statewide interoperable radio communication system for KDOT, KHP, and other public safety agencies. This system is shared with 1005 other public safety agencies and supports the use of almost 19,000 radios by those groups. The Equipment Engineer and their staff administer the agency capital equipment plan related to vehicles and heavy equipment. This includes monitoring usage, evaluating replacement criteria, and keeping the equipment menu and District plans up to date.

The Bureau of Maintenance oversees the safety programs for KDOT’s field operations through the use of a Safety Coordinator located at Headquarter and a Safety Specialist located in each of the Districts. Responsibilities include the development, and updating of various safety programs and presenting training classes. They also evaluate environmental issues within the Districts including facilitating environmental compliance for above and underground storage tanks, wash bay sludge pits, and paint booths.

Staff is tasked with maintaining agency plans, policies and guidance related to highway maintenance procedures, resources, personnel, equipment and programs, such as KDOT’s Maintenance Manual, Guardrail Repair/Design Policy, Utility Accommodation Policy, and snow and ice operations. The Bureau participates and supports emergency preparedness activities, and represents KDOT at the Emergency Operations Center during declared emergencies. They administer the contracts to provide weather forecasting services and also oversee the Remote Weather Information System, RWIS. KDOT maintains a total of 43 of these sites statewide that provide localized atmospheric conditions and road pavement temperatures.

The Maintenance Quality Assurance (MQA) program is managed out of this office. This program consists of an annual survey of random samples of highway segments to measure the condition of various features including roadway, shoulders, traffic guidance, drainage, and roadsides against standards of acceptance.


Phone: 785-296-3576
Fax: 785-368-6240

W. Clay Adams, Bureau Chief

Tim Cunningham, Equipment Engineer
Darren Miller, Communication System Administration
Gary Schilowsky, KDOT Safety Coordinator
Jim Frye, Field Maintenance Manager and Emergency Operations Coordinator