COVID-19 Updates

This page will provide updates to KDOT employees during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

A message from Secretary Julie Lorenz

Please find below the updated guidance regarding return to work for KDOT employees. You’ll hear directly from your supervisor regarding specific return to work processes. EVERYONE has a role to play in fighting COVID-19, whether that’s staying home and teleworking, going to your regular work location but modifying work practices and schedules to be safer, or working to help another agency (not all assignments have been figured out yet).

It’s a monumental task (and there are some hidden opportunities) to change work practices and that’s what the majority of you are being asked to do. I’ve said this over and over, and I’ll keep saying it – we’ll get through this together. And when we’re on the other side of this pandemic, we’ll pause and think about what we’ve learned. Hopefully we learn to rely on each other a little more, learn to give each other a little more grace, learn to work a little more independently and realize a little more deeply why public work is a truly valuable, and often noble, service.

If you or your employees have questions about the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) or other questions about the April 6 return to work, please send them to: KDOT#COVID-19.

Thank you in advance for being flexible and stepping up to the challenge of returning to work in a variety of ways. I sincerely appreciate everything you’re doing – and look forward to brighter days.

DA-334 FFCRA Leave Request Form

April 10, 2020 Webinar - Thru the Distance: Episode 1

April 8, 2020 Newsletter from the Kansas Department of Administration with telework guidance and tips

April 5, 2020 Update - Maintenance Work Delayed

April 2, 2020 Memo from Gov. Laura Kelly about returning to work

Latest Updates

Fellow KDOT Employees:

Here is the State Agency Reopening Guidance that KDOT will follow as we begin to re-open KDOT offices and locations this Monday, May 4, 2020. This will be a multi-phase process.

Next Week:

  • If you have been teleworking, continue to do so. Based on the attached plan, employees able to telework will do so until at least June 1, 2020.
  • If you have been reporting to work, continue to do so unless your supervisor tells you otherwise.
  • If you are unable to complete a full forty (40) hour week without coming into work, then you should return to your work location on Monday. Managers need to reach out to their direct reports and notify them, with at least 24 hours of notice, of the requirement to report to work.
  • KDOT buildings will remain closed to the public

Updated Leave Guidance

The biggest change from previous guidance is related administrative leave. Full descriptions are located on pages six & seven of the attached document, but in brief, all employees will need to fall within one of the following five categories starting May 4.

  1. Employee not coming to work because they or a household member has COVID-19 symptoms, or the employee has been exposed to COVID-19: Full pay using administrative leave.
  2. Employee required to report to work/telework – Full pay using regular timesheet coding. Note that full pay will be for people working a full work-week.
  3. Employee unable to work/telework due to childcare – 2/3 pay (with option to use personal leave to supplement for full pay).
  4. Employee unable to work because they (not a family member) are At-Risk/High-Risk – 2/3 pay (with option to use personal leave to supplement for full pay). Note that the description in the guidance does not include age as a high-risk factor.
  5. Employee choosing not to work for a reason not listed above – Personal leave or leave without pay.

Starting May 4, no KDOT employee should be recording administrative leave on their timesheet without prior approval from their manager.

Please notify your manager if you are unable to report to work but do not fit into any of these categories.

For those reporting to the Eisenhower State Office Building (ESOB)

Everyone must complete a screening questionnaire and temperature check prior to entering the building.

  • A drive-thru screening station is located in the Curtis Access Alley between 10th and 11th Streets and between Kansas Avenue and Jackson Street and is operating between the hours of 7am and 10am. If you pass your screening, you will receive a sticker or ticket which you will need to show when you enter ESOB.
  • A screening station will be set up at ESOB sometime next week and we will provide more information when available.

Please continue to practice all items listed on the “Stop the Spread” sign. A disposable mask will be provided to you when you enter the building if you are not wearing a face covering. We ask you to use a face covering when you are in common areas of the building (lobby, elevators, stairwells, hallways, etc.).


If you have questions related to COVID-19, please send them to: Those without access to email should contact the Human Resources Professional (HRP) in their District. Supervisors – please reach out and share this information with employees who you know don’t have access to email.



Phone Number

District 1

Shanna Burgardt


District 2

DeeDee Becker


District 3

Sierra Percival


District 4

Sheila Brown


District 5

Terri Kilbride


District 6

Mark Singhisen


This week Secretary of Transportation Julie Lorenz will be hosting the second episode of Thru the Distance, our new webinar series focused on helping us keep in touch and learn from one another through this difficult, yet transformational time.

The webinar is scheduled for tomorrow - Thursday, April 23 at 1 p.m. It will feature information on:

  1. 1) How various KDOT groups are working through COVID-19
  2. 2) Safety precautions we’ve implemented and will continue to implement as we bring more people back to work
  3. 3) The latest information on the Eisenhower Legacy Transportation Program

If we can get the technology to work, I hope to have another KDOT leader or two join me remotely to deliver some of the information.

How to participate: We’re broadcasting live again via YouTube. Based on your feedback, we’re providing the link in advance. You can view the webinar live tomorrow at 1 PM at:

Trouble shooting tips if you experience difficulties viewing the webinar:

  1. 1) Using headphones may improve the audio.
  2. 2) You may need to disconnect from VPN in order to have enough bandwidth to view the livestream.

Provide feedback: During the discussion if you have questions or comments, you can post them directly on the YouTube page, or email We’ll answer questions on the webinar as time allows and will follow up on those questions we aren’t able to address live.

Future topics: If you have a suggestion for a future topic for the webinar series, please click here to submit your idea.

We recognize not everyone will be able to watch live on Thursday so we will provide the link to replay it at your convenience in a follow-up email.

If you missed the live broadcast, you can watch a replay of it here:

Thank you for all you’re doing to keep Kansas moving – stay safe!

Governor Kelly has extended the COVID-19 statewide stay-at-home order for an additional two weeks, through May 3. State agencies will be operating under the same guidance that was issued earlier this month, which I shared with you via email on April 2. I’ve also attached a copy here.

Next Steps: At KDOT, we plan to continue operating much like we have for the past two weeks with one major exception – we’ll be ramping up maintenance work across the state. We’re waiting on supplies like thermometers and face coverings to help keep employees safer. We’re beginning to receive shipments and will activate crews as supplies arrive. Supervisors will contact maintenance employees to let them know when crews are expected to report.

Help each other:Reach out and check in on your co-workers. It’s hard for everyone to have such a rapid change in work environment – take the time to send a quick email or make a call and see how people are doing. KDOT is a family – let’s support one another.

Stay Tuned:If we’ve learned anything over the past month, it’s that we have to be flexible. We’ll continue to share information and make decisions with the data we have available, and we’ll change course when it’s needed. Thanks to all of you who watched last week’s Thru the Distance webinar. We’re planning a second one for next week, so keep your eyes out for more information soon.

If you have questions related to COVID-19, please send them to: and we’ll continue to post information for employees on this webpage.

If you don’t have access to email, you should contact the Human Resources Professional (HRP) in your District. Supervisors – please reach out and share this information with employees who you know don’t have access to email.



Phone Number

District 1

Shanna Burgardt


District 2

DeeDee Becker


District 3

Sierra Percival


District 4

Sheila Brown


District 5

Terri Kilbride


District 6

Mark Singhisen


We really appreciate everyone’s continued efforts and communication as we respond to the State and the Agency’s needs during this pandemic. The work we are doing is essential for Kansans and we couldn’t do it without your support and dedication. This includes those that have to go into workplaces to complete essential demands, those working from home and to everyone that is doing everything in their power to stay home and avoid going out to public places unless essentially necessary.

We have put together some additional guidance below to assist you with operations these next two weeks:

Updating out-of-office replies

• Phone: Update your voicemail so individuals know you are working remotely and will be checking messages OR forward your office phone to your cell phone.

For the main phone lines for a Division, Bureau or District, please update your message similar to the following. If you answer one of these main lines, please coordinate with your supervisor on a plan to check the voicemails for these main lines two times each day.

Thank you for calling the Kansas Department of Transportation’s <INSERT DEPARTMENT NAME>. Out of a concern for the health and safety of our employees because of the COVID-19 virus, many of our staff members are working remotely.

For information regarding road conditions, please visit KanDrive is spelled k-a-n-d-r-i-v-e

For other questions, please visit our website at or email us at We will periodically check voice mails remotely. A message may be left after the tone.

• Email: If you’ve been using an out of office message on your email, please update it to reflect your situation starting on Monday. If you are set up to work either in person or remotely, you will no longer need an out-of-office message.

• As a reminder, information on how to VPN into the system, connect to emails and forward voicemails can be found here.

Access to KDOT Buildings

• Our goal continues to be slowing the spread of the virus. That won’t happen if people continue to come into the office as usual.

• Access to the Eisenhower State Office Building (ESOB) will be limited to only those who have approval from one of the Deputy Secretaries – Lindsey Douglas, Burt Morey or Maggie Doll. Requests for access to the building should be sent to your supervisor.

• Access to all other KDOT buildings should continue to be limited to the minimum amount of time and the minimum number of employees necessary to accomplish the essential functions.

• Individuals are responsible of taking their temperature prior to leaving their home on the days they plan to enter a KDOT building. If an individual has a fever, does not feel well, or if they have a member of their household who is sick, they should avoid entering any KDOT building.

Mail Delivery and Pick-Up

• Mail is scheduled to be delivered and picked up from the normal pick-up and drop-off location for each Bureau in the Eisenhower Building on Tuesdays and Fridays prior to noon.

• If the frequency of the mail delivery needs to be increased to meet essential job requirements, please email that information to KDOT#COVID-19.

• Mail pick-up and delivery in all other KDOT buildings should continue to be limited to the minimum amount of times necessary to accomplish the essential functions.

Communications with Employees

• Intranet: We have created an informational page on our internal intranet page (only available through VPN access): http://kdotweb/Covid19Information.asp. We hope this will help address FAQ’s along with provide a summary of KDOT’s response to our current situation related to COVID-19 or how it may affect KDOT’s operations. For any questions not addressed on this site, please email them to KDOT#COVID-19.

• KDOT Website: We recognize that not everyone will have access to the KDOT intranet while away from the office and we will use this page to post information as needed:

• Employee Assistance Program (EAP): To provide assistance to our employees, EAP has created a Coronavirus U.S. Digital Toolkit. EAP resources are available to employees at no cost, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Stay-At-Home Orders

Securing the health and safety of all of our employees is top priority for KDOT. We are working diligently on getting as many employees prepared to work from home as possible. Please work with your manager to confirm any access needed to be able to do your job from home, if possible. For those unable to work from home, efforts are being made to minimize the number of individuals that have to report to the office workplace, allowing those that need to be in the office to be able to observe social distancing with more ease.

We appreciate your flexibility as we continue to adapt our plan as new information is available.

Executive Order No. 20-16: Establishing a statewide "stay home" order in conjunction with the Kansas Essential Function Framework for COVID-19 response efforts

Self-Quarantine Notices

For the latest information on the COVID-19 outbreak, please visit KDHE's COVID-19 Resource Center

KDHE is asking recent visitors to a growing number of states and counties, including Colorado, to self-quarantine. Please click here for the KDHE Quarantine Notice from March 27, 2020.

A Note to KDOT Employees who are Caregivers

We have been hearing from members of our KDOT family who are now tasked with oversight of their own families in new ways. Whether it’s adjusting to life with children now at home instead of in school or childcare programs, or parents needing additional care, the traditional work-life balance is now considerably out of balance.

One of the best attributes of our employees is their commitment to their work and to the people of Kansas whom they serve. You want to get the best job done and we want to support you. We are committed to offering flexible options during this for you, whether it’s flex time, a rearranged work schedule, or teleworking where possible. If you have not yet discussed your situation with your manager, we ask that you do so promptly to find a good solution for both you and the agency during this unusual time.

If you need help, our Employee Assistance Program is available 24-7 by email or phone. The contact information for this confidential service is listed below. This resource from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides additional guidance that may be helpful for you and your family.

Please stay safe and stay in touch with us. Thank you for all you are doing for KDOT and for Kansans.

EAP Website
Company ID: SOKEAP
1-888-275-1205 (option 1)
TDD 800-697-0353

Temporary Telecommute Policy

KDOT is implementing temporary telecommuting arrangements for employees whose job duties are conducive to working from home but who do not regularly telecommute. Regular leave policies and procedures should be followed for employees who are unable to report to work.

These arrangements are expected to be short term, and KDOT will continue to monitor guidance from health officials and the need for remote work arrangements. Employees should not assume any specified period of time for telework, and KDOT may require employees to return to regular, in-office work at any time. Employees should be proactive with department managers in preparing for these circumstances to ensure employees have the resources necessary to work remotely.

Email Remote Access

Please use the Internet portal for e-mail provided by Microsoft at the following address:

It is not necessary to connect to the VPN to check e-mail. VPN usage is reserved for technical remote access to KDOT internal network resources. Please refrain from using it to just connect to your desktop and check e-mail in Outlook.

Remoting in to the KDOT Network

If you need to remote into the KDOT Network, please contact the Service Desk at 785-296-4999 or and someone will be in contact with directions.

Forwarding your Cisco Phone/Accessing Voicemail Outside the Office

If you need to forward your calls to another phone, or access your voicemail outside of the office, please consult these instructions

Other COVID-19 Resources

Under CDC guidelines, persons with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 who have symptoms may discontinue home isolation under the  following conditions:

  • At least 3 days (72 hours) have passed since recovery defined as resolution of fever without the use of fever-reducing medications and improvement in respiratory symptoms (e.g., cough, shortness of breath); and
  • At least 7 days have passed since symptoms first appeared.

This recommendation will prevent most, but may not prevent all instances of secondary spread.  The risk of transmission after recovery, is likely very substantially less than that during illness. For more information, please visit

KDHE Guidance for Supporting Families in Accessing Healthy and Safe Child Care During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Coronavirus Guidelines: Stop the Spread