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Summer Civil Engineering Internship Program


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Positions Available for Summer 2004

Please indicate your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice for positions.

Positions Located In Topeka Headquarters &
Topeka Area (Number of Positions Available)

_____  Traffic Engineering       (1)

This position will help with Road Safety Audits (countywide traffic studies) in the field and some office work.

_____  Traffic Signing            (1)

Respond to the public, local governments and KDOT personnel regarding permanent signing issues.  This will involve using MS Word to write letters and memos, and talking on the phone.  Investigate requests regarding permanent signing including some field trips.  Use MicroStation (CADD) to sketch simple permanent signing layouts for signing projects.

______  Corridor Management    (1)

This position will be working with Access Management Review.  You will be collecting GPS data and analyzing in the office.  (80% in the office and 20% in the field.)

_____  Road Design      (4)

The interns will be used in the design squads to help prepare road projects for highway construction.  The work may include some or all of the following: operation of a CADD workstation, assisting in developing engineering drawings and notes, checking horizontal and vertical alignments and other geometric elements, preparing spreadsheets, checking/calculating quantities of bid items for construction letting, and general project document management.

_____  Bridge Design            (1)

Special studies using structural analysis, geometric review of Standard Plan details for PT Slabs.

_____  Bridge Management  (1)

            This position will involve some design and some inspection.

_____  Transportation Planning        (1)

The duties for the summer interns include traffic forecasting, which consists of gathering data, compiling and analyzing socioeconomic and demographic data for the statewide long range transportation plan, assisting in the development of travel demand models, assisting in the rail plan update, and evaluating accuracy of prior years traffic forecasts.

_____  Soils/Foundations Unit - Geotechnical

The summer engineering intern will mentor under the Soils Engineers learning drilling and sampling techniques, laboratory testing procedures, rudimentary analyses of field and laboratory data, and eventually performing simple projects under the supervision of an engineer.  Up to 30 percent overnight travel will be required, but travel and perdiem are paid.

______  Materials Test Unit   (1)

Interns in the Materials Test Unit may use new test methods and equipment to determine their effectiveness in the testing of materials.  They may also use state of the art computerized test equipment to test materials.  They may use databases and spreadsheets to statistically analyze test data and assist in writing reports concerning investigations of materials and test methods.

_____    Materials Research Development Unit (1)

The CE-Intern in this position will be assigned to work primarily with the Research Development Engineer but may be assigned to other sections for short duration assignments depending on work load.  The person should expect to work in office, laboratory and field settings during the summer helping with a variety of on going investigations of new materials and procedures used in highways and bridges.  Travel away from Topeka and occasional over night stays away from Topeka may be required.  Current projects include: pavement and concrete bridge decks temperature studies with remote read sensors (i-buttons); self-compacting concrete for use in prestressed concrete beams, fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) for use in bridge decks and portable temporary structures, and use of special admixtures (silica fume, slag, fly ash, etc.) in concrete bridge decks.  

_____  Kansas City Regional Lab (1)

This position is located in Kansas City and the work involves traveling to various vendors through the Kansas City area to inspect items, collect samples, and write inspection reports.  Some occasional overnight travel might be required.  Applicant must be able to work in unpleasant environments involving extreme heat, dirt, dust, rain, loud noises, and hazardous equipment or objects.  You must be able to lift a concrete cylinder (approx. 30 lbs.)


Field Construction      # of Positions              Job Description                                                                                                                                             

District One

_____  Seneca                        1          New alignment of US-75 from US-36 North to Sabetha

_____  Horton                          2          One position will be located in Atchison working on new

alignment of K-7 and the other position will be located at Wathena where we will be reconstructing US-36 from Wathena to the Missouri River.

_____  Emporia                       1          Reconstruction of I-35 in Osage and Coffey Counties   

_____  Bonner Springs            2          Reconstruct I-70 and I-635 Interchange           

_____  Olathe                          1          Reconstruct I-35 from SW Blvd to Missouri Stateline

_____  Wamego                      2          One position will be located in Westmoreland where they

will be doing grading, surfacing and bridges.  The other position will be working in various locations doing grading, surfacing, and bridges.

District Two                                       

_____  Marion                         1          Assisting with processing and performing tests, taking

_____  Salina                          2          tickets, inspection work on concrete and asphalt paving

_____  Junction City                2          projects, bridge and culvert projects.

_____  Belleville                      1

District Three                                                

_____  Hays                            2          Assist an engineer/technician with the inspection of        

_____  Phillipsburg                 2          materials and construction operations in order to insure

_____  Atwood                        2          compliance with plans and specifications.  This will

_____  Oakley                         1          require some understanding of the plans and specifications

District Four                                       Job duties will be general construction inspection

_____  Pittsburg                      2          and materials testing on road and bridge projects.

_____  Iola                              2          Other duties such as performing calculations,    

_____  Independence              2          design, drafting, reporting, etc., may be assigned           

_____  Garnett                         2          depending upon the person’s experience and capabilities

District Five                                                              

_____  El Dorado                    3          Bridge & asphalt construction, and concrete roadway repair.

_____  Winfield                       3          Bridge & asphalt construction, and concrete roadway repair.

_____  Wichita Hillside            1          Major mod construction (I-135 with Duit).                   

_____  Wichita West                1          1Rs and bridge repairs.                                    

District Six                                        

_____  Dodge City                   2          Project inspection        

_____  Garden City                 1          Project inspection on major mod highway work.           

_____  Liberal                         1          Project inspection on major mod highway work.           

_____  Syracuse                      2          Project inspection on either a bridge replacement or major

mod. Highway work.

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I also understand that any omission of information or erroneous information provided in any part of the employment process, would be sufficient cause for discharge.

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Please make certain that you return the following:

            1.  Application

            2.  Certification of Enrollment in a Civil Engineering Program

            3.  Resume

            4.  Transcript (can be an unofficial copy)

Please return to the following address:

            Ruth Marstall, Engineering Recruiter

            Kansas Department of Transportation

            700 SW Harrison, 1st floor

            Topeka, KS 66603

If you have questions, please contact me at 785-296-3721 or email me at recruit@ksdot.org.

Applicant Data Survey (Confidential & Optional)

Qualified applicants are considered for all positions, and employees are treated during employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital or veteran status, medical condition or handicap.  As an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer we comply with government regulations and affirmative action responsibilities.

This information is requested to assist our affirmative action efforts.  This information will be treated as confidential.  You are not required to furnish this information, although your doing so will be helpful in assembling data.  Failure to provide this information will not jeopardize or adversely affect any consideration you may receive for employment.

In order to help us comply with government record keeping, reporting and other legal requirements, please fill out the data record below.  (This data will be kept in a confidential file.)

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Veteran’s Status:

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(   ) 1.  White   (   ) 2.  Black     (   )  3.  Hispanic     (   )  4.  Asian or Pacific Islander   

(   ) 5.  American Indian or Alaska Native

Referral Source:

(   )  1.  State Division of Personnel Services          (   )  2.  Kansas Job Service Center     (   )  3Relative     (   )  4.  Friend     (   ) 5.  State Employee     (   )  6.  Newspaper Ad       (   )  7.  School, College or Vocational Training Institute   

(   )  8.  Other (Specify)___________________________________________