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The Eisenhower Legacy Transportation Program (IKE), a 10-year program developed in consultation with Kansans and approved by the 2020 Legislature, preserves our existing system and gives us flexibility to address current and future opportunities and challenges. See the potential projects for south central Kansas.

Follow the progress (and read about traffic adjustments) of the I-235 Green Project. The Green Project is on I-235/K-96 from N. Meridian to N. Broadway.

See the fact sheet for the North Junction reconstruction projects.

A fact sheet on the first phase of the North Junction rebuilding process is outlined in this Green Project Fact Sheet.

The Wichita region Transportation Systems Management & Operations (TSMO) plan outlines how to increase transportation agency collaboration using the TSMO toolbox.

The Beeline and the Amtrak bus connection to Oklahoma City and Newton are now operating out of the Wichita Transit Center at 214 S. Topeka. Routes include Wichita to Salina, Wichita to Joplin, Missouri, and Oklahoma City to Newton (with some stops en route).

A website for the East Kellogg Freeway improvements can be found at www.E54ict.com.

The WICHway website offers great camera views, traffic speeds and information from message boards PLUS it is smart phone-ready! See the website at www.WICHway.org.

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KDOT activities in the Wichita Metro.

The City of Wichita's weekly traffic report and maintenance project updates are listed in the Construction & Maintenance Projects document. 

Sedgwick County road projects are listed on the Public Works page.

KanDrive, www.kandrive.org, is a valuable web portal that provides info on weather, highway conditions and construction plus camera views from around the state.

If you use the Kansas Turnpike a lot, you might want to subscribe to their text messaging service. Info on weather, road conditions and crash-related traffic problems are sent to your phone. Sign up >>

K-TAG is the Kansas Turnpike Authority's electronic tolling program. You can save 15 percent and breeze through the toll plaza without stopping. K-TAGS are now free. Read about the two K-TAG options.

Current Projects

Click on the tab for details on current projects.

I-235 Green Proj.


I-235 Bridge Replacements from N. Seneca to N. Broadway
Start date: March 11, 2019
Completion: November 2021
Contract amount: $51,337,971.52
Prime contractor: Bergkamp King, A Joint Venture, LLC, Wichita
Scope of work: Replace six bridges, rebuild pavement plus auxiliary lanes, and rebuild N. Broadway Interchange. 1st Phase of North Junction improvements.
Special notes: Work zone speed limit is 50 mph. Three of four Broadway interchange ramps are closed (NB I-235 Exit to Broadway is open).


NB I-135 Bridge

NB I-135, 1st St. to 17th St.
Start date: April 20, 2020
Completion: Nov. 24, 2021
Contract amount: $7,728,448.45
Prime contractor: PBX Corp., Tulsa, Oklahoma
Scope of work: Bridge deck patching, expansion joint repairs/replacement, polymer overlay, striping
Special notes: Work necessitates lane and ramp closures. See weekly updates here.

North Junction


Gold Project, Phase 2A
Start date: April 5, 2021
Completion: December 2023
Contract amount: $36,319,409.09
Prime contractor: Dondlinger Construction, Wichita 
Scope of work: Replace SB I-135 Ramp to SB I-235, NB I-135 Ramp to SB I-235, bridges over BNSF tracks, and extension of the WB K-254 Ramp to SB I-135
Special notes

S. I-235 Bridges

South I-235 Bridge Replacements

Replacement of NB & SB I-235 bridges west of West St.
Start date: March 9, 2020
Completion: Nov. 2021
Contract amount: $9,598,632.95
Prime contractor: Wildcat Construction, Wichita
Scope of work: Replace two I-235 bridges, one in 2020 & one in 2021
Special notes: Single lane traffic for both directions of I-235 from S. Meridian to K-42. SB I-235 Exit to West St. and West St. Ramp to SB I-235 closed until project completion. 

Multi-year Projects

Click on the tab for details on these Wichita projects.

I-235 & U.S. 54

235 & US 54 Interchange

I-235 & U.S. 54 Interchange, Phase 1
Bids Open: September 2015
Construction Started: Nov. 10, 2015
Scope of work: First phase of interchange reconstruction includes two-lane flyover ramp for SB I-235 to EB U.S. 54, a one-lane flyover ramp for NB I-235 to WB U.S. 54 and auxiliary lanes for I-235 from U.S. 54 to Central Street.
Construction Finished

U.S. 54 & Webb

Webb Rd. Intersection

U.S. 54 Freeway from Kansas Turnpike to east of Webb Road
Bids Opened: June 2015
Construction Started: Aug. 17, 2015
Scope of work: Construction of freeway from Eastern Street to Trig Street (west of Greenwich Road).
More info: Visit the project's website at www.eastkelloggimprovements.com.

Construction Finished

U.S. 54 -- Greenwich to K-96

U.S. 54 Freeway from west of Greenwich Road to K-96
Bids Open: Aug. 5, 2016
Construction Started: September 2016
Scope of work: Construction of U.S. 54/400 freeway continues with an interchange at Greenwich Road and new ramps at U.S. 54 and K-96 interchange.
More info: Visit the project's website at www.eastkelloggimprovements.com.

I-235 Green Project

Little Ark River Bridge

Bridges on I-235, N. Seneca to N. Broadway
Bids Opened: January 16, 2019
Construction Starts: March 11, 2019
Scope of work: Replace bridges over Little Ark River and at Broadway, remove Seneca Street bridge over I-235, and rebuild the I-235/N. Broadway interchange.
More info: Read the in depth North Junction Study or see the more concise North Junction Fact Sheet.

NW Bypass

Freeway traffic

K-254 from Maize to Goddard
Bids Open: Not scheduled
Construction Starts: ?
Scope of work: A freeway connecting K-96 at Tyler Road to U.S. 54 east of 183rd Street West.
More info: Some right-of-way has been acquired but funds are not currently available to construct this project.

More news:

75 mph speed limit signs are in place on 807 miles of Kansas highways. See the map of 75 mph routes in Kansas.

Keep Right, Pass Left. A Kansas law requires that drivers on roadways outside of cities, with two or more lanes in the same direction, must drive in the right lane unless they are making a left turn or passing another vehicle (fine is $60 + court costs).

Put the phone down and drive! Kansas joins 29 other states: drivers caught writing, sending or reading a text message while on a public road or highway = $60 fine + court costs.

Going fishing? Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks provides weekly fishing updates and KDOT has a couple of public access lakes at Hydraulic and 45th St. North. Here are maps to many of Sedgwick County's fishing locations.

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