Bicycle and Pedestrian Program

Kansas Department of Transportation




As the demand for walkable and bikeable communities and transportation choices increases in Kansas, we need the tools and training to effectively implement best practices with a focus on safety, convenience, fun, affordability and speed. Goals of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Program include increased connectivity of bicycle and pedestrian facilities; improved economic health of communities; increased accessible pedestrian facilities on public rights of way; increased physical activity; reduced pedestrian and cyclist fatalities and serious injuries; increased access to community destinations such as grocery stores, parks, healthcare, and jobs.


Improve non-motorized data collection and analysis.
Identify and promote the use of best practices when planning and designing transportation facilities for non-motorized modes of transportation.
Improve network connectivity and operation of pedestrian and bicycle facilities.
Improve public awareness of non-motorized road users.

Let's Talk: Sunflower Pedals and Pedestrians

Listen to Deputy Secretary Maggie Doll discuss the importance of active transportation in Kansas (held October 13, 2020):

Design Guides focused on Active Transportation: