The Construction Operations staff coordinates the preparation of the project estimates, plans and proposals for construction projects being let by KDOT and reviews the bids received and makes recommendation for the award of contracts.

The Construction Administration staff manages the contracts from award of the contract to final acceptance including contractor payments and contract modifications in accordance with the Standard Specifications and Special Provisions. .

The Field Construction Engineer reviews construction projects to determine compliance with Standard Specifications, Special Provisions and construction practices.

The Maintenance Administration staff has the responsibility of coordinating programs to maintain the conditions of existing state highways and provides motorist assistance services including activities such as snow and ice control, Highway Maintenance Management System, Maintenance Quality Assurance Program, Road Weather Information System (RWIS), Adopt-A-Highway program, and Statewide Interoperable Communication System.

The Field Maintenance Engineer and staff review maintenance activities to determine efficiency and cost effectiveness such as state wide equipment management and shop management systems. Evaluate and implement new maintenance materials and methods and oversees the methods, procedures and employee safety programs to reduce accidents and injuries, save lives, increase productivity and reduce financial loss both to employees and the State.


Phone: 785-296-3576
Fax: 785-368-6240

Sandra Tommer, Bureau Chief

Sue Darling, Assistant Bureau Chief -
Construction Administration
Peter Carttar, Assistant Bureau Chief -
Maintenance Administration
Tim Cunningham, Field Maintenance
Lou Ann Hughes, MMS Coordinator
Peter Carttar, Acting KDOT Emergency
Edwin Geer, Communication System
Abe Rezayazdi, Assistant Bureau Chief -
Construction Operations
Carmen Bakarich, Attorney - Contractor
Tony Menke, Field Construction Engineer
Louis Thompson, CMS Administrator
Lee Ann Legge, Specification Engineer