Kansas Bicycle Map

For a free copy of the map, you can make your requests to KDOT#TransPlan.BikePed and put "KS Bike Map" in the subject line and provide a name and mailing address in the body of your message. 

This edition of the Kansas Bicycle Map now includes:

  • historic trails and scenic byways
  • ranges of daily traffic volume
  • availability of paved shoulders three feet wide or greater for the Kansas State Highway System
  • state and federal parks
  • state bicycle laws, a city locator
  • identified cities with bicycle shops
  • 2 cross-state bicycle routes: Trans-America Trail (US Bicycle Route 76) and American Discovery Trail
  • 19 Kansas cities insets with bicycle facilities

This edition has updated the graphics with the intent of making the map easier to read and use. We encourage you to consult the bicycle map and the transportation map when making your bicycle travel plans.

Maps are available free of charge and can be requested by emailing bikeped@ksdot.org or calling (785) 296-7448. 



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