Bureau of Right of Way


Junkyard and Salvage Control Act

For the purpose of promoting the public safety, health, welfare, convenience and enjoyment of public travel, to protect the public investment in public highways, and to preserve and enhance the scenic beauty of lands bordering public highways, it is hereby declared to be in the public interest, and necessary and appropriate to regulate and restrict the establishment, operation, and maintenance of junkyards in areas adjacent to highways, roads and streets within the state.

  • Administer regulatory programs under the State of Kansas Junkyard and Salvage Control Act, K.S.A 68-2201 et seq;
  • Update and maintain inventories of all salvage and storage locations;
  • Assist the Chief Counsel and local officials in the elimination of illegal junkyards.


Automobile Graveyard - The term "Automobile Graveyard" shall mean an establishment which is maintained, used, or operated, for storing, keeping, buying, or selling ten (10) or more wrecked, scrapped, ruined, dismantled or inoperative motor vehicle.

Junk - The term "junk" shall mean old or scrap copper, brass, rope, rags, batteries, paper, - trash, rubber debris, waste, or junked, dismantled, or wrecked automobiles or parts thereof, iron, steel, and other old or scrap ferrous or nonferrous material.

Junkyard - The term "Junkyard" shall mean an establishment which is maintained, operated, or used for storing, keeping buying, or selling junk, or for the maintenance or operation of an automobile graveyard.

Why your location is in violation of the Act

  • The junk on your property is within 1,000 feet of the nearest edge of the right-of-way of any public road, street, or highway. (K.S.A 68-2204)
  • Your location contains the subject amount of one or more of the items defined above. (K.S.A 68-2203)
  • Your location is zoned other than Industrial or UN-zoned Industrial and is without proper screening. (K.S.A. 68-2204)
  • Application and annual fees are due for a Salvage & Storage Certificate of Compliance. (K.S.A 68-2205)
  • Your location cannot contain any salvage pursuant to your local governing body. (The Kansas Department of Transportation cannot certify a salvage location if the local governing body will not allow such location to exist; K.S.A. 68-2205)

Dealing in used salvage motor vehicles and /or used or recycled parts requires a license issued by the Kansas Department of Revenue, Division of Vehicles under K.S.A. 8-2401 (y) and 8-2404 (t)

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