K-7 Corridor Freeway/Expressway Plates


These plates were developed for planning and comparative purposes only. At the segment-by-segment meetings, participants discussed potential locations of interchanges or overpasses for freeway options. However, nothing displayed on these plates represents a decision made by the Kansas Department of Transportation (or any city or county) to begin construction of improvements shown herein or to purchase any property that may appear to be affected.

The purpose of these plates is to provide transportation planners with the potential impacts and costs of two different future alternatives: one, the conversion of K-7 to a four-lane freeway and the other the conversion of K-7 into a six-lane urban arterial.

While engineering judgement was used in creating these alignments, in determining how access could be changed to improve traffic flow and where access roads would be needed, these alignments were created without the use of survey data, field work, or public involvement and the alignments were laid irrespective of property lines. The purpose of these plan plates is to begin a very preliminary discussion among transportation planners as to the future impacts of traffic growth in the K-7 Corridor and to provide the technical analysis to aid that discussion.


Freeway Plates

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Expressway Plates

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