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Kansas Interstate Pavement Research

Study Helps Extend Pavement Life

In July 1992, KDOT built a major project for the nationwide Long Term Pavement Performance (LTPP) Study in the I-70 westbound lanes east of Abilene. The Special Pavement Study (SPS-2) site includes 13 different 500-feet long Portland cement concrete pavement (PCCP) test sections that were designed to provide information about rigid pavement structural factors.

Kansans will potentially benefit in the future as information is learned about pavement performance and incorporated into national and state design procedures. Improved pavement has the potential to stay smoother and last longer, reducing maintenance needs.

The test site is one of many SPS-2 sites across the nation built as part of a nationwide study that started in 1987. SPS-2 was funded as part of the Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP), a $150 million project that focused on some of the most critical highway needs of the time. SHRP was endorsed and supported by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials. After SHRP ended in 1992, administration and funding of LTPP was transferred to the Federal Highway Administration. Due to funding shortages, some support of LTPP through the years has also been provided by the states through the National Cooperative Highway Research Program.

Detailed testing of the pavement materials, pavement performance, and tracking of the traffic and weather conditions have been ongoing since construction. Several other LTPP test sites to observe the performance of maintenance actions taken on interstate pavements have also been constructed as part of the LTPP Study.



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