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KDOT administers public transportation programs funded by the Federal Transit Administration and the State of Kansas. Both the Federal and State programs are designed to meet the transportation needs of elderly persons, persons with disabilities, and the general public. KDOT currently supports approximately 145 transit providers covering 99 of the state's 105 counties.


09.08.17  Call for Projects: Commuter Discretionary funds

The KDOT Public Transit Program dedicates $825,000 annually to the commuter program and has elected to combine five years of that dedicated funding into one call for projects yielding approximately $4.2 million in available funds.  These funds will be specifically for capital and/or operating expenses associated with a commuter transit service.  The available funding must be utilized for start-up expenses or the innovative expansion of an existing commuter service.  The applicant must demonstrate user need, capability to operate the route, and long-term sustainability of the service.

In order to give applicants enough time to understand this new program and develop new and innovative transit solutions to commuter services we have given approximately four months for application preparation. Applications are due January 12, 2018.

We are excited to launch this new program and are very interested to see the multitude of innovative project applications we receive early next year. The goal of this program is to serve the citizens of Kansas with a quality multimodal transportation network and give them access to jobs in all parts of the state.  You can read the full release for this call online, and if you have any questions, please contact either Cory Davis or Mike Spadafore.


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