Southeast News Releases - 2021

KDOT to begin U.S. 166 expansion in Cherokee County  (12/28/21)

Mike Bright retires from KDOT  (12/14/21)

KDOT to open K-58 bridge on Dec. 10  (12/9/21)

U.S. 169 to open south of Chanute on Dec. 8  (12/7/21)

K-39 reopens to traffic in Bourbon County  (11/23/21)

K-47 railroad crossing at Altoona to close for repairs  (11/22/21)

City of Chanute receives Cost Share Funding  (11/18/21)

Coffey County awarded Cost Share funding  (11/18/21)

Staffing shortages could impact KDOT winter operations in southeast Kansas  (11/18/21)

K-7 closed on Nov. 17 for rail crossing repairs  (11/15/21)

KDOT to close K-58 bridge in Coffey County (11/10/21)

KDOT to close K-68 bridge at Ottawa for resurfacing  (11/1/21)

U.S. 166 guardrail survey starts in November  (10/29/21)

680th Avenue to close east of U.S. 69  (10/26/21)

KDOT patching concrete on U.S. 400 in Montgomery County  (10/25/21)

U.S. 169 open between Welda and Garnett  (10/25/21)

U.S. 400 at Cherokee to close for rail crossing repairs  (10/21/21)

KDOT to survey K-33 bridge over I-35  (10.20/21)

Kids know how important it is to 'Put the Brakes on Fatalities'  (10/19/21)

Traffic reduced to one lane at K-58 bridge  (10/18/21)

KDOT to resurface U.S. 59 bridge Oct. 19  (10/14/21)

K-3 to close for wind tower crane move  (10/12/21)

U.S. 59 bridge resurfacing starts south of Erie  (10/5/21)

K-39 closed between U.S. 59 and K-3 on Oct. 5  (9/28/21)

K-7 railroad crossing repairs set for Oct. 4  (9/27/21)

KDOT to hold public meeting for Miami County K-68 Expansion Project  (9/24/21)

KDOT to resurface U.S. 54 section  (9/23/21)

U.S. 400 railroad crossing repairs at Cherokee next week  (9/22/21)

K-68 eastbound traffic detoured at Ottawa this weekend  (9/16/21)

K-152 section closed Sept. 14  (9/9/21)

K-99 resurfacing underway in Greenwood County  (9/2/21)

K-31 pipe replacement west of Fulton set for Aug. 25  (8/23/21)

KDOT resurfacing K-65 in Bourbon County  (8/16/21)

K-7 section to close Aug. 12 for pipe replacement  (8/6/21)

K-3 section closed Aug. 4-5  (8/2/21)

Bridge over I-35 to close for repairs  (7/29/21)

K-31 and K-131 projects to begin Aug 2 (7/28/21) 

Resurfacing on U.S. 69 to start in August  (7/27/21)

Survey at K-105 bridge begins in August  (7/20/21)

K-31 bridge replacement starts this week  (7/19/21)

KDOT resurfacing K-7 in Linn County  (7/19/21)

K-171 bridge repairs to start July 19  (7/14/21)

K-52 section to close for pipe replacement  (7/13/21)

K-33 bridge to close for repairs  (7/12/21)

KDOT to close K-68 bridge at Ottawa for one week  (7/12/21)

U.S. 169 to close north of K-47 in early July  (6/30/21)

K-7 drainage survey to begin in Cherokee County (6/25/21)

KDOT patching concrete on U.S. 400 in Wilson County  (6/24/21)

KDOT grant key in attracting manufacturer to southeast Kansas  (6/11/21)

U.S. 54 resurfacing project starts this month  (6/8/21)

KDOT to resurface K-103  (6/7/21)

K-7 resurfacing project to start in June  (5/26/21)

U.S. 75 to be resurfaced through Caney  (5/24/21)

Concrete patching projects to begin in Montgomery County  (5/21/21)

U.S. 54 overpass replacement project starts in June  (5/18/21)

K-7 section closed May 13  (5/7/21)

KDOT to replace U.S. 160 bridge in Cherokee County  (5/5/21)

Repairs to be made on K-68 bridge at Ottawa  (5/4/21)

K-33 bridge replacement at Wellsville starts in May (5/4/21)

K-99 widening in Chautauqua County starts in mid-May  (5/3/21)

KDOT to begin bridge survey on K-31  (4/27/21)

KDOT replacing bridge on K-99  (4/26/21)

Survey at K-58 bridge begins April 26  (4/15/21)

K-7 pavement marking project to begin in late April  (4/14/21)

K-3 surface recycle to start April 19  (4/13/21)

K-39 reopens between U.S. 169 and U.S. 75  (4/12/21)

New detour route for K-39 bridge replacement  (4/9/21)

U.S. 400 concrete patching project begins in mid-April  (4/8/21)

K-39 bridge replacement project starts in Bourbon County  (3/31/21)

U.S. 69 resurfacing project to begin at Fort Scott  (3/24/21)

U.S. 166 resurfacing project to start between Caney and Coffeyville (3/23/21)

U.S. 59 pavement replacement project to start at Parsons  (3/10/21)

KDOT to begin U.S. 169 reconstruction on March 15  (3/9/21)

KDOT survey at K-3 bridge begins March 15  (3/8/21)

U.S. 169 to close at 1000 Road  (3/5/21)

Survey on U.S. 169 south of Thayer starts March 8  (3/2/21)

KDOT replacing six bridges on U.S. 166  (3/2/21)

Weight restriction in effect on K-7 north of K-47 at Girard  (3/1/21)

U.S. 69 resurfacing project begins March 1  (2/25/21)

U.S. 160 bridge survey starts week of Feb. 15  (2/11/21)

Guardrail improvements start on U.S. 400 in Wilson County  (2/9/21)

Railroad crossing repairs on U.S. 59 at Oswego  (1/28/21)

Intermittent closures at I-35 rest area  (1/22/21)

K-39 closed between U.S. 75 and U.S. 169  (1/15/21)

Pleasanton sidewalk project to start Jan. 19  (1/13/21)

U.S. 169 at Coffeyville to close for rail repairs Jan. 18-22  (1/12/21)

Flaggers at the U.S. 69/K-126 intersection on Jan. 12  (1/11/21)