I-235 Green Project

  • I-235 Weekend Closure
    A weekend closure of I-235 on July 19 - 21 was successful and the Seneca Street bridge over I-235 was removed.
  • Seneca St. bridge
    The Seneca Street bridge over I-235 is gone and construction of auxiliary lanes from Meridian to Broadway can begin.
  • New 40th Street
    The newly constructed 40th Street provides access from N. Meridian for businesses and homes on Seneca Street, north of I-235. Traffic signals will be installed at Meridian.
  • Phase 2 of Green Project
    Phase 2 of the Green Project has begun.


About the Green Project

Work on the I-235 Green Project on began March 11, 2019. Completion is planned for November 2021.

Lane reductions through the work zone on NB I-235/EB K-96 will begin this year but few effects to SB I-235/WB K-96 are planned during the first year.

The Green Project is the first phase of the Wichita North Junction rebuild. It sets up I-235 to function with the future phases  that improve the North Junction. Highlights include:

 Replacement of aging pavement

Auxiliary lanes on I-235

 Permanent removal of the Seneca St. bridge

A rebuild of the Broadway Interchange

Replacement of the bridges over the Little Arkansas River

Replacement of the bridges over Broadway

Current Traffic Impacts

NB I-235 AND EB K-96 are reduced to one lane each as they enter the work zone.

40th Street is now open.

The Broadway On Ramp to NB I-235 CLOSED on April 22 -- until 2020

Northbound and southbound Broadway has been reduced to one lane traffic each (until bridge construction is completed)

Old Lawrence Road under I-235 (to 37th St.) has been closed to all traffic (until at least November)

Construction zone speed limit on NB I-235 is 50 mph.


Coming Soon

• Weekend and off-peak lane reductions (from two lanes to one lane) may occur on NB I-235/EB K-96 throughout the life of the project

More Information

For a fact sheet on the Green Project, the first phase of the North Junction fix, click here.

For a fact sheet on the three phases of projects for the North Junction reconstruction, click here.

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