KCA/KDOT Partnering

Began in 1991, the KCA and KDOT committed to doing business in a more collaborative manner. A task force was created to review adversarial relationships between KDOT and contractor personnel. From this task force study, a joint KCA/KDOT Committee was formed and the first Partnering Workshop was held in January 1992. In subsequent years, annual workshops were conducted to establish and affirm the partnering concept and process for KDOT and KCA member employees. Partnering is always encouraged and project specific workshops were held for larger construction projects across the state. As a result, the KDOT/KCA Partnering Program had an extremely positive and effective impact on the successful completion of the Comprehensive Highway Program. Likewise, it will play a critical role in the administration and completion of the Comprehensive Transportation Program and beyond.


General Partnering Information

What is Partnering


KCA/KDOT Charter

Award Winners

Standard Specifications

Partnering Forms

How to conduct a Preconstruction meeting

The Partnering Packet

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Contact Information

KCA/KDOT Contact Information

Partnering Feedback Form

This feedback tool is used to insure middle and upper level decision makers for our Contractors and KDOT are aware of how communication and problem solving is occurring on their project in the field.

The form is to be filled out regularly (weekly, monthly or when problems are needing to be addressed) by the project managers on the job site.

Both the Contractor AND KDOT representatives need to complete the Feedback form.

Completed copies are to be e-mailed to managing persons in charge of the project off site. For example, a VP in a company and an Area Engineer for KDOT. Frequently, the KDOT Partnering Coordinator is included.

Partnering Feedback Form

KCA/KDOT Award Nomination Forms

The purpose of the awards is to recognize excellence in Partnering

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Issue Resolution Chart

Project Specific Handout

Partnering Rating Summary


Partnering Works

Partnering works