Transportation Alternatives (TA) Program


Awards announced - April 15, 2016

Please see our press release for complete information on the projects and federal awards for this round of TA projects.

A date for the next Call for Projects has not yet been set.  Please check back for updates on this page.



The TA Program, as administered by KDOT, provides funding for a variety of alternative transportation projects, including on- and off-road pedestrian and bicycle facilities; infrastructure for non-driver access to public transportation; projects that enhance mobility; improve the scenic or environmental, or archaeological assets in our state; preserve historic transportation structures; and Safe Routes to School. 

We have prepared Guidance to assist eligible Project Sponsors in compiling and completing your applications.  The Guidance includes the actual application form, eligibility of projects and project sponsors, MPO requirements (as applicable), competitive project scoring criteria that will be used for each application, state and federal requirements, and proposed timeline of activities.


Application & Guidance

We have developed extensive Guidance on the program, which includes the application form as well as descriptions of eligible project sponsors and projects, funding, local match, review, and selection.  Please be sure to read the Guidance in its entirety.


Slides from Workshop

The slides from our TA Program Workshop cover the program, eligibility, funding, and a review of the application, section by section.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We put together a list of the most common questions we received during and after the Workshop, and their answers.                        


For more information

More information on the Transportation Alternatives Program can be found on the Federal Highway Administration’s website at:  Please note that some changes were made specific to this KDOT Call for Projects, and that we will be ranking your applications based on the criteria and eligibility outlined in our Guidance.