Bureau of Local Projects

KART - KDOT Standard Drawings, Bridge
Design Manuals, and Design Software

  • KDOT Authentication & Resource
    Tracking (KART)
    The KDOT Standard
    Drawings, Bridge Design Manuals, Design
    Software and other forms can now be
    downloaded with no fee. For help or
    information regarding the KDOT
    Authentication & Resource Tracking (KART),
    contact: KART Administrator: 785-368-7176

Downloadable Forms and Documents

  • 1301 Request for Revision to the
    Functional Classification System
  • 1302 Request for Construction Project
  • 1304 List of Utilities and Status of Same
  • 1307 List of Permits and Status of Same
  • 1312 Request for CMAQ Project
  • 1325 "KLINK" Application Form
  • 1326 "KLINK" Project 1R Recap Form
  • 1327 "KLINK" Actual PE-Utility Cost Summary Form
  • 1328 "KLINK" Reimbursement Summary Form
  • 1330 Geometric Improvement Application
  • 1332 Off System Bridge Program

Bridge Inspection Information

Consultant Contact Information