KDOT County Maps 

NOTE: maps have the Projection-Lambert Conformal Conic
Longitude of origin -98:00 d.m.s
Latitude of origin 38:30 d.m.s
Standard parallel 1 - 38 d.m.s
Standard parallel 2 - 39 d.m.s
NAD 83

Contact: Bureau of Transportation Planning at 785-296-3841

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County map files
County NameCounty NumberAbbreviationFederal NumberDistrictJPG FilePDF File911 AddressesMetadataMap Date
ALLEN001AL0014JPG for ALPDF for ALYES 01/1/2010
ANDERSON002AN0034JPG for ANPDF for ANYES 09/1/2010
ATCHISON003AT0051JPG for ATPDF for ATYES 07/1/2011
BARBER004BA0075JPG for BAPDF for BAYES 09/1/2009
BARTON005BT0095JPG for BTPDF for BTYES 12/13/2013
BOURBON006BB0114JPG for BBPDF for BBYES 10/1/2008
BROWN007BR0131JPG for BRPDF for BRYES 02/1/2008
BUTLER008BU0155JPG for BUPDF for BUYES 05/1/2011
CHASE009CS0172JPG for CSPDF for CSYES 12/1/2009
CHAUTAUQUA010CQ0194JPG for CQPDF for CQYES 11/1/2008
CHEROKEE011CK0214JPG for CKPDF for CKYES 05/1/2011
CHEYENNE012CN0233JPG for CNPDF for CNYES 08/1/2008
CLARK013CA0256JPG for CAPDF for CAYES 07/1/2009
CLAY014CY0272JPG for CYPDF for CYYES 04/1/2008
CLOUD015CD0292JPG for CDPDF for CDYES 09/1/2009
COFFEY016CF0314JPG for CFPDF for CFYES 11/1/2008
COMANCHE017CM0335JPG for CMPDF for CMYES 07/1/2010
COWLEY018CL0355JPG for CLPDF for CLYES 06/1/2009
CRAWFORD019CR0374JPG for CRPDF for CRYES 08/1/2007
DECATUR020DC0393JPG for DCPDF for DC  11/1/2009
DICKINSON021DK0412JPG for DKPDF for DKYES 07/1/2010
DONIPHAN022DP0431JPG for DPPDF for DPYES 09/1/2010
DOUGLAS023DG0451JPG for DGPDF for DGYES 04/30/2013
EDWARDS024ED0475JPG for EDPDF for EDYES 06/1/2011
ELK025EK0494JPG for EKPDF for EKYES 08/1/2007
ELLIS026EL0513JPG for ELPDF for ELYES 06/1/2010
ELLSWORTH027EW0532JPG for EWPDF for EWYES 07/1/2011
FINNEY028FI0556JPG for FIPDF for FIYES 07/1/2007
FORD029FO0576JPG for FOPDF for FOYES 06/1/2010
FRANKLIN030FR0594JPG for FRPDF for FRYES 10/1/2009
GEARY031GE0612JPG for GEPDF for GEYES 10/01/2013
GOVE032GO0633JPG for GOPDF for GO  10/1/2006
GRAHAM033GH0653JPG for GHPDF for GHYES 05/1/2008
GRANT034GT0676JPG for GTPDF for GTYES 02/1/2011
GRAY035GY0696JPG for GYPDF for GYYES 12/1/2008
GREELEY036GL0716JPG for GLPDF for GLYES 12/1/2010
GREENWOOD037GW0734JPG for GWPDF for GWYES 05/1/2011
HAMILTON038HM0756JPG for HMPDF for HMYES 01/1/2011
HARPER039HP0775JPG for HPPDF for HPYES 06/1/2010
HARVEY040HV0795JPG for HVPDF for HVYES 01/1/2011
HASKELL041HS0816JPG for HSPDF for HSYES 11/1/2008
HODGEMAN042HG0836JPG for HGPDF for HGYES 12/1/2008
JACKSON043JA0851JPG for JAPDF for JAYES 01/1/2012
JEFFERSON044JF0871JPG for JFPDF for JFYES 08/1/2010
JEWELL045JW0892JPG for JWPDF for JWYES 12/1/2011
JOHNSON046JO0911JPG for JOPDF for JOYES 07/1/2010
KEARNY047KE0936JPG for KEPDF for KEYES 12/1/2009
KINGMAN048KM0955JPG for KMPDF for KMYES 11/1/2011
KIOWA049KW0975JPG for KWPDF for KWYES 07/1/2009
LABETTE050LB0994JPG for LBPDF for LBYES 09/1/2007
LANE051LE1016JPG for LEPDF for LEYES 06/1/2010
LEAVENWORTH052LV1031JPG for LVPDF for LVYES 08/1/2010
LINCOLN053LC1052JPG for LCPDF for LCYES 05/1/2011
LINN054LN1074JPG for LNPDF for LNYES 06/1/2010
LOGAN055LG1093JPG for LGPDF for LGYES 06/1/2010
LYON056LY1111JPG for LYPDF for LYYES 09/1/2007
MARION057MN1132JPG for MNPDF for MNYES 11/1/2010
MARSHALL058MS1151JPG for MSPDF for MSYES 12/1/2011
MCPHERSON059MP1172JPG for MPPDF for MPYES 12/31/2013
MEADE060ME1196JPG for MEPDF for MEYES 10/1/2008
MIAMI061MI1214JPG for MIPDF for MIYES 03/1/2008
MITCHELL062MC1232JPG for MCPDF for MCYES 07/1/2010
MONTGOMERY063MG1254JPG for MGPDF for MGYES 08/1/2010
MORRIS064MR1272JPG for MRPDF for MRYES 09/1/2012
MORTON065MT1296JPG for MTPDF for MTYES 06/1/2009
NEMAHA066NM1311JPG for NMPDF for NMYES 01/1/2010
NEOSHO067NO1334JPG for NOPDF for NOYES 08/1/2011
NESS068NS1356JPG for NSPDF for NSYES 12/1/2009
NORTON069NT1373JPG for NTPDF for NTYES 11/1/2009
OSAGE070OS1391JPG for OSPDF for OSYES 08/1/2008
OSBORNE071OB1413JPG for OBPDF for OBYES 12/1/2010
OTTAWA072OT1432JPG for OTPDF for OTYES 10/1/2009
PAWNEE073PN1455JPG for PNPDF for PNYES 10/1/2010
PHILLIPS074PL1473JPG for PLPDF for PLYES 12/1/2010
POTTAWATOMIE075PT1491JPG for PTPDF for PT  10/1/2011
PRATT076PR1515JPG for PRPDF for PRYES 12/31/2013
RAWLINS077RA1533JPG for RAPDF for RAYES 07/1/2009
RENO078RN1555JPG for RNPDF for RNYES 07/1/2010
REPUBLIC079RP1572JPG for RPPDF for RPYES 12/1/2011
RICE080RC1595JPG for RCPDF for RCYES 07/1/2009
RILEY081RL1611JPG for RLPDF for RLYES 10/01/2013
ROOKS082RO1633JPG for ROPDF for ROYES 01/1/2010
RUSH083RH1655JPG for RHPDF for RHYES 10/1/2010
RUSSELL084RS1673JPG for RSPDF for RSYES 10/1/2010
SALINE085SA1692JPG for SAPDF for SAYES 10/1/2008
SCOTT086SC1716JPG for SCPDF for SCYES 11/1/2009
SEDGWICK087SG1735JPG for SGPDF for SGYES 11/1/2011
SEWARD088SW1756JPG for SWPDF for SWYES 12/31/2013
SHAWNEE089SN1771JPG for SNPDF for SNYES 07/1/2009
SHERIDAN090SD1793JPG for SDPDF for SDYES 11/1/2009
SHERMAN091SH1813JPG for SHPDF for SHYES 11/1/2011
SMITH092SM1833JPG for SMPDF for SMYES 01/1/2011
STAFFORD093SF1855JPG for SFPDF for SFYES 11/1/2010
STANTON094ST1876JPG for STPDF for STYES 12/1/2010
STEVENS095SV1896JPG for SVPDF for SVYES 04/1/2009
SUMNER096SU1915JPG for SUPDF for SUYES 12/31/2013
THOMAS097TH1933JPG for THPDF for THYES 10/1/2007
TREGO098TR1953JPG for TRPDF for TRYES 01/1/2013
WABAUNSEE099WB1971JPG for WBPDF for WBYES 10/1/2011
WALLACE100WA1993JPG for WAPDF for WAYES 07/1/2010
WASHINGTON101WS2012JPG for WSPDF for WSYES 11/1/2011
WICHITA102WH2036JPG for WHPDF for WHYES 03/1/2010
WILSON103WL2054JPG for WLPDF for WLYES 05/1/2011
WOODSON104WO2074JPG for WOPDF for WOYES 12/1/2011
WYANDOTTE105WY2091JPG for WYPDF for WY  07/1/2008