Southeast News Releases


K-68 roundabout pavement replacement to start  (7/27/16)

Crossroad pipe replacement on K-65  (7/25/16)

U.S. 169 railroad track repairs at Coffeyville  (7/22/16)

U.S. 75 asphalt patching at Caney next week  (7/19/16)

Crossroad pipe replacement scheduled on K-31  (7/13/16) 

K-146 rail crossing closes for maintenance July 12  (7/6/16)

U.S. 169 microsurfacing project set to begin south of Thayer  (7/6/16)

K-39 bridge replacements start in July  (6/28/16)

U.S. 169/Main Street entrance at Cherryvale closed June 30   (6/27/16)

Entrance repairs along U.S. 169 (6/22/16)

KDOT to replace crossroad pipes on three highways in Bourbon County  (6/22/16) 

U.S. 166 resurfacing starts in late June (6/21/16)

Detours set up for closed bridge over U.S. 169   (6/17/16)

K-7 reconstruction begins south of U.S. 400 (6/10/16)

K-47 truck detour in effect June 9 (6/8/16) 

KDOT replacing concrete on U.S. 69 in Linn County (6/6/16)

Alice Myers retires from KDOT (6/1/16)

U.S. 75 will close at Neodesha for rail crossing repairs (5/23/16)

K-58 scrub seal to start in early June (5/20/16)

I-35 pavement marking project delayed one week (5/17/16)

KDOT to repair bridge on K-39 east of Chanute (5/13/16)

I-35 pavement marking project to start in Franklin and Miami counties (5/13/16)

U.S. 69 improvements to begin at Fort Scott (4/28/16)

U.S. 400 passing lane projects to begin in Greenwood County (4/21/16)

Public meeting for K-33 corridor planned at Wellsville (4/14/16)

Highway resurfacing in Cherokee County to begin April 18 (4/13/16)

U.S. 400 rail repairs next week (4/6/16)

Geometric improvement at Girard (4/6/16)

Highway project postponed (4/5/16)

Coffeyville geometric improvement at U.S. 166 and 8th (3/28/16)

U.S. 169 mill and overlay in Miami County (3/25/16)

Highway resurfacing project set to begin in Cherokee County (3/25/16)

K-68 bridge replacement starts March 21 (3/14/16) 

Dave Johnson retires from KDOT (3/11/16)

K-103 rail crossing to close for repairs (3/4/16)

U.S. 75 shoulder repairs planned in Wilson County (3/2/16) 

U.S. 400 passing lane project begins east of Parsons (3/1/16)

Sidewalk construction to begin in Humboldt (2/26/16)

Culvert replacement begins north of U.S. 166 (2/25/16)

 K-58 road work rescheduled (2/25/16)

Crossroad pipe replacement on K-58 in Greenwood County (2/23/16)

KDOT to mill at rail approaches in Montgomery County (2/5/16)

U.S. 169 shoulder repairs to start next week (2/4/16) 

KDOT to mill U.S. 400 passing lane in Wilson County (2/4/16)

K-68 expansion public meetings scheduled (1/11/16)


Southeast News Releases - 2015

Bridge repair at Fort Scott begins next week (12/2/15)

Rest area on U.S. 75 north of Yates Center temporarily closed (11/16/15) 

K-3 bridge opens to traffic (11/3/15) 

Fort Scott student wins poster contest (10/21/15)

Regan Schenk is poster contest winner (10/19/15)

New U.S. 54 overpass opens to traffic (10/16/15)

Ottawa student a poster contest winner (10/12/15)

K-7 railroad crossing to close for repairs next week (9/21/15)

K-31 rail crossing to close September 11 for repairs (9/10/15)

U.S. 59 preservation project south of Parsons to start September 14 (9/9/15) 

Pavement testing September 8-11 (9/4/15)

U.S. 54 surface recycle and overlay project to start in September (8/26/15)

I-35 bridge repairs at Ottawa (8/24/15)

Canville Creek Bridge repairs underway on U.S. 59 (8/24/15)

U.S. 75 mill and inlay north of Neodesha (8/24/15)

Pavement testing runs August 24-27 (8/24/15)

Asphalt repairs at Caney (8/20/15)

Pavement testing August 17-20 (8/13/15)

Second passing lane expansion begins on U.S. 400 in Wilson County (8/7/15)

U.S. 400 preservation project to start in Cherokee County (8/7/15)

Seismic survey on U.S. 69 south of U.S. 166 (8/4/15)

K-52 section to close for 30 days (7/29/15)

K-7 road work to begin in August (7/27/15)

KDOT testing highway pavement July 20-23 (7/17/15)

U.S. 166 bridge survey in Cherokee County (7/15/15) 

U.S. 54 westbound restricted to one lane at LaHarpe (7/2/15)

U.S. 69 seismic survey next week (7/1/15) 

Caney River Bridge repairs planned on U.S. 166 (6/29/15) 

U.S. 400 passing lane project in Greenwood County to start (6/29/15)

Bridge construction underway on U.S. 59 in Anderson County (6/23/15) 

U.S. 75 road work to start in Coffey County (6/22/15)

K-39 section in Wilson County to close for repairs (6/22/15)

Overlay on U.S. 166B at Sedan (6/9/15) 

KDOT to resurface section of U.S. 54 in Allen County (6/5/15)

U.S. 169 rail crossing replacement at Coffeyville (6/3/15)

U.S. 69 resurfacing work to start in Miami County (6/1/15)

K-33 overpass survey at Wellsville to start (6/1/15)

Concrete panel repairs on U.S. 400 in Wilson County (5/29/15)

Resurfacing on U.S. 166 to start in late May (5/18/15)

U.S. 59 bridge to be replaced north of Garnett (5/15/15)

K-47 resurfacing starts next week (5/15/15)

KDOT adding passing lanes on U.S. 400 southeast of Fredonia (5/13/15)

K-146 resurfacing set for early May (4/30/15)

K-103 reconstruction starts at Weir (4/29/15)

KDOT to start U.S. 75 project in late spring (4/27/15)

U.S. 400 resurfacing project active west of Parsons (4/24/15)

U.S. 400/166 survey next week (4/21/15)

U.S. 169 projects to resume in Allen and Anderson counties (4/14/15)

K-39 closure postponed (4/14/15)

K-39 temporary closure April 15 (4/9/15)

U.S. 69 road work resumes in Miami County (3/31/15)

U.S. 160 resurfacing east of Independence starts April 3 (3/31/15)

Rail repairs on U.S. 169 north of Liberty next week (3/27/15)

U.S. 400 concrete repairs, Montgomery County (3/27/15)

U.S. 400 passing lane project begins in Labette County (3/23/15)

K-3 Hinton Bridge replacement to start (3/18/15)

Funding to provide street improvements for foundry expansion (3/13/15)

Bridge repairs on K-58 (3/11/15)

Announcement at Coffeyville March 13 (3/6/15)

K-126 bridge survey to begin in Crawford County (3/2/15)

Survey available for solar interchange lighting (3/2/15)

U.S. 54 overpass closure delayed (3/2/15)

U.S. 169 shoulder repairs, Montgomery County (2/26/15) 

U.S. 400/75 concrete repairs continue (2/25/15)

U.S. 54 bridge replacement, Woodson County (2/23/15)

U.S. 166 overpass survey (2/16/15)

U.S. 59/160 bridge survey (2/12/15)

U.S. 75 rest area to close for maintenance (1/27/15)

Crossing repairs on K-103 start January 28 (1/26/15)

K-146 to close for rail repairs (1/21/15)

U.S. 54 overpass survey begins (1/21/15)